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  • Recommended For 5 People $145.00

    1(PCS) Large Shepherd Salad
    1(PCS) Eggplant Salad
    1(PCS) Hummus
    1(PCS) Cheese Roll
    1(PCS) Calf Liver
    1(PCS) 1/2 Large Shish Kebab
    1(PCS) 1/2 Large Adana Kebab
    1(PCS) 1/2 Large Chicken Kebab
    1(PCS) 2 lt Coke

  • Recommended For 10 People $225.00

    2(PCS) Large Shepherd Salad
    1(PCS) Large Sauced Eggplant
    1(PCS) Large Eggplant Salad
    2(PCS) Large Gyro
    1(PCS) Large Hummus
    2(PCS) Large Shish Kebab
    2(PCS) Cheese Roll
    2(PCS) Large Adana Kebab
    2(PCS) Calf Liver
    2(PCS) Large Chicken Kebab
    1(PCS) Large Babaghanoush
    2(PCS) 2 lt Coke

*All catering orders include rice and bread. Please call at least 1 hour in advance. All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include tax.